Olympic rowing hopeful on road back from bus crash

An Ottawa resident with Olympic dreams is grinding through the slow road to recovery after a bus crash in the spring left him in a wheelchair.

Andrew Todd dragged 20 feet by a school bus in London, Ont.

A University of Ottawa athlete is determined to race again after a biking crash. 2:17

An Ottawa resident with Olympic dreams is grinding through the slow road to recovery from a bus crash in the spring.

In May, rower Andrew Todd was on a bike ride while training at a national facility in London, Ont., when a school bus went through a stop sign.

"So I ended up getting pinned under the back tires and dragged," Todd said, adding he was later told it was about 20 feet before the bus stopped.

"The sound I remember the most was hearing the sound of the bike brakes locking before he hit the bus," said teammate Mark Henry.

"That's the sound I don't think I'll ever get rid of."

The crash crushed Todd’s hip and took a chunk out of his knee.

Todd said one doctor at the hospital told him he had a 50/50 chance of surviving the trip to the hospital that day.

Not giving up on Olympics

Before the crash, Todd said he was at the peak of his rowing career, trying out for the senior men's national team and a potential spot in the 2016 Olympics.

Now he's mostly confined to a wheelchair as he learns to walk again at an assisted-living facility in Ottawa.

Andrew Todd is living in an assisted-living facility in Ottawa and he is hopeful he can return home in a few weeks. (CBC)

"I definitely miss it, being down here at the club and watching all my friends go out when I can't … it’s tough," he said.

He's also waiting for a bone transplant but he and his girlfriend, Jenna Pelham, said they're hopeful the Olympics aren't out of reach.

"He'll be an inspiration to everyone no matter what, but if he could achieve those goals it would be unreal," said Pelham.

Todd said he's hopeful he will be able to go home in a few weeks.

The Ottawa Rowing Club is holding a fundraiser for him on Monday night to help provide support when he's released.