Occupy Ottawa protesters are standing their ground Tuesday, a day after the National Capital Commission handed out eviction notices requiring them to leave Confederation Park.

The NCC asked demonstrators to pack up their tents and vacate the park by 11:59 p.m. Monday and asked Ottawa police to enforce the Trespassing Act if necessary. 


Four Occupy Ottawa holdovers huddle in the cold on Tuesday. The protesters were given an eviction notice Monday. (Ashley Burke/CBC)

But a group of about 20 protesters at the camp decided to stand their ground and fight the eviction.

The midnight deadline came and went without any police action after 200 packed the park Monday night.

Protesters were packing valuables such as their televisions in a van, for fear police would confiscate everything in the camp when they move in.

Protesters told CBC News police liasons had informed them they would likely have 24 hours from the deadline to leave the area. But the protesters said they were vowing to stay.

People CBC spoke with Monday night said it was worth risking arrest.

"It's a moment to make a stand about something, to really stand up for something that you believe in, so it's exciting in that way, but it's also a bit scary," said Mandy Joy.

Protester Shane Davis-Young said even if the tents go, the movement will continue.

"We still plan to hold our general assemblies here, because our general assemblies don't require tents, and Occupy Ottawa will continue because Occupy Ottawa is the people and the bonds they have," he said.

There was also discussion Tuesday about moving the camp to nearby Minto Park on Elgin Street.