A copy of the motion from Councillor Tierney. (Giacomo Panico/CBC)

OC Transpo will be getting more pressure to move quickly on initiatives like smart cards and making its data open after Ottawa's transit commission approved a new committee to monitor the transit authority.

Councillor Tim Tierney's motion to create a subcommittee to monitor technological initiatives passed at a transit commission meeting Thursday afternoon.

Tierney, the head of the city's information technology subcommittee, has expressed frustration with how OC Transpo has handled its GPS bus location data.

The transit authority first said it would make the data open to the public, then backed off, saying it needed to determine the best way to make money off the information.

The subcommittee would meet with OC Transpo every four months to hold them accountable for their progress on technology-related initiatives.

The first meeting in 2012 will look at the transit authority's promise to open up its GPS data.