Transit riders who use wheelchairs say ramps on OC Transpo buses are malfunctioning too often in the cold weather.

Terrie Meehan, who uses a wheelchair, saw the frigid temperature Monday and was tempted to stay in.

"I was thinking this is a hint I should just stay home, but I had stuff that had to be done," said Meehan.

She went to catch a bus on Monday and said the ramp would not unfold for her wheelchair.

She said she thought she'd get frostbite as she waited for another bus.

It's something she says happens at least once a week.

"These buses are supposed to be accessible to everybody," said Meehan.

140 defective ramps in last year

Several other people who use wheelchairs shared similar stories and say ramp malfunctions happen often, and particularly in the winter.

Wheelchair ramp for bus

An OC Transpo bus lowers its ramp so a passenger can get on. Several people CBC Ottawa spoke with say the ramps frequently do not work. (CBC)

​OC Transpo transit operations manager Troy Charter said the service takes accessibility seriously.

"What I'd say to those customers is we work very, very hard to try to ensure those things don't happen. And they are a rare occurrence and our goal is to try to eliminate those," said Charter.

In the last year, mechanics have had to fix 140 defective ramps, Charter said.

Meehan uses OC Transpo to get to her volunteer work and medical appointments, but said she is so frustrated she is tempted to go back to using Para Transpo, even though doing so would require her to book rides far in advance.