Transit commission chair Diane Deans alongside OC Transpo general manager John Manconi and Local ATU 279 president Garry Queale. (CBC)

OC Transpo's new general manager laid out his vision to transit commission on Friday, with improved service, better labour relations and better financial accountability among a list of 12 priorities.

John Manconi's business plan replaces a plan submitted earlier this year by the former general manager, Alain Mercier, which councillors rejected.

Mercier was let go in February and replaced by Manconi, the former head of the city's public works department.

Manconi said he wants to make both labour relations and employee engagement two of his priorities, in part because he believes it will lead to better customer service.

"If you want to drive up operational performance, you engage your employees in planning and execution and dialogue, and accountability and financial accountability and all the elements of running a solid operation," he told the commission Friday.

"And that leads to client satisfaction, which overall starts to instill the confidence and trust that we are all striving for in our service to the community."

Manconi also said customer service was the end goal of the switch to the new Presto cards in July, a project which he listed as another priority.

His other priorities were to:

  • Manage changes to fares.
  • Add 75 new double decker buses.
  • Maintain and improve facilities.
  • Replace the aging Para Transpo fleet.
  • Manage the Ottawa light rail project.
  • Expand the capacity of the O-Train.
  • Review all IT projects.

Manconi also said he wants to improve the company's engagement with the community.

"I believe that OC Transpo has a brand that should be associated with great community programs... we believe we have other opportunities that we can expand out to the community and show that OC Transpo is a caring organization," he said.

Manconi also introduced his new team of senior managers to the commission. Last week OC Transpo announced it had replaced five members of Mercier's management team.