An Ottawa man is upset after he says an OC Transpo driver kicked him and his toddler brother off a bus in a dispute over room.

Last Friday afternoon, Bradley Bulger picked up his two-year-old brother Ethan from daycare. The pair got on the number 14 bus at Gladstone and Booth, Ethan was in a stroller and Bulger rolled the stroller next to another near the front.

A few blocks east, the bus stopped to pick up a man using a wheelchair at Gladstone and Percy Streets and Bulger said that's where the dispute occurred.

"The driver kept requesting me to get off the bus and wait for the next one to let the wheelchair go by. And I refused," said Bulger. "I said there was more than enough room. I'm not going outside while the weather is in the -20s with the wind-chill factor."


The brothers waited for 20 minutes at Percy and Gladstone streets, in below-zero temperatures for another bus to arrive. (CBC)

When the driver threatened to call security, Bulger decided he should leave rather than escalate the situation.

"I didn't want to make the scene be any worse than what it is. So I obeyed him, got off, and waited for the next bus," Bulger said. "And the next bus didn't come for 20 minutes."

While the brothers waited on the street, Bulger said that's when Ethan got windburn on his face. Bulger said the whole experience was completely unnecessary and he has since called OC Transpo to complain.

"It made me feel really bad. (Ethan) was bundled up pretty good. And to get windburn on his face, it's pretty bad for OC Transpo to even think of kicking us off the bus," said Bulger, who wants an apology.

OC Transpo says it is investigating the incident.