Some city councillors are calling for a review of OC Transpo's response following Tuesday afternoon's crash on the Transitway.

In all, 11 passengers and one driver were taken to hospital for injuries resulting from the collision of two articulated buses near Tunney's Pasture station.

Alain Mercier, general manager of OC Transpo, sent councillors an update Wednesday but some believe some information should have been released sooner.

The CBC's Giacomo Panico also discovered neither of the official OC Transpo Twitter accounts, @OC_Transpo or @OCTranspoLive, tweeted about the crash or the resulting heavy delays.

Luc Biggs, an uninjured passenger on one of the buses involved in the collision, did say the drivers involved were compassionate and fast acting.

A female driver, who was not driving either of the buses involved, boarded his bus seconds after the crash, he said, and helped the passengers feel at ease.

The police investigation into the collision continues.