Nude photos taken of alleged teen prostitution victim

An Ottawa teenager told an Ottawa courtroom one of three girls accused of running a teenage prostitution ring took photos of her while she was passed out naked in a bathtub.

Warning: Story contains details that may offend some readers

An Ottawa teenager says one of three girls accused of running a teenage prostitution ring took photos of her while she was passed out naked in a bathtub.

The 16-year-old, who was 15 at the time of the alleged incident, told an Ottawa courtroom she went to what was billed as a house party with the "ringleader" and another of the accused.

When she arrived with two friends, she said it was actually the home of the older sister of one of the accused and there wasn’t a party going on.

She said she still drank and smoked marijuana offered by one of the accused, eventually passing out from being drunk.

The testimony came in the trial of three teenage girls, one 17 and two aged 16, who are charged with a total of 74 offences including human trafficking, creating child pornography and procuring for prostitution. They were arrested in June 2012.

Police allege the three girls lured nine other girls to a southeast Ottawa home using social media, where some were drugged and all were forced into prostitution. All three have pleaded not guilty.

Teen says ringleader asked if she wanted to make money

On Friday morning, the alleged victim also testified when she woke up, she said she was naked in a bathtub and wasn’t able to speak properly while the ringleader allegedly was taking photos of her on her cellphone.

This blurred-out photo was taken from an account on the photo-sharing site Instagram. The account has the same name as a Facebook and Twitter account entered as evidence in court. (CBC)

She said that girl asked her if she wanted to make some money and told her to put her hands on her body. The teen testified she tried to grab the camera from the alleged ringleader but was too drunk and passed out again.

When she was finally able to get up, she said the two accused gave her some fast food before she and her two friends took a cab home.

Other teen to face contempt of court charge Nov. 1

The trial had been on a two-day break so Judge Diane Lahaie could consider consequences for one of the alleged victims, who denied court orders by talking about her testimony between Monday and Tuesday’s court sessions.

Lahaie said Friday the 16-year-old teen will need to return to court Nov. 1 to face possible contempt of court charges and she should consult a lawyer.

She said again the teen shouldn't say anything about her testimony to any witness until then.

The Crown said they thought the teen was close to crossing the line when she texted two other girls and sent them Facebook messages, including one who's yet to testify. But the attorney added, since she was talking about procedure and not evidence, she shouldn't be punished further.