Eastern Ontario's neighbours to the south are split about what presidential candidate would best help them save a struggling local economy as St. Lawrence County continues to lose jobs.


Evan Dyer (CBC)

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The main issue facing these voters on Tuesday, election day, is identical to one that concerns most people south of the border: jobs.

There is also a difference between what party voters side with in their state election and who they want to be president.

The partisanship is also less evident in northern New York but the last few elections have seen them vote Democrat.

The majority of people CBC News spoke to said they would vote Democrat once again, but the lack of economic progress in the region also led to a variety of opinions.

One woman said she would decide on her vote at the last minute, while a local hairdresser vouched to choose a write-in candidate in the presidential race because she said she had no confidence in either of the main candidates.

Both the mayor and the owner of a local car dealership said it was time to choose a Republican leader again in order to bring more privatization to the business sector.