Just one day after suggesting a fence be built around a children's playground in Orleans, which sits next to an off-leash dog park, Coun. Bob Monette has changed his mind.

Voyageur Park in Orleans has been the focus of debate from residents concerned about children's safety. Many parents are worried about dogs running over to the children and possibly biting them.

A sign is currently posted ordering dog owners to keep their pets away from the structure, but often dogs have minds of their own.

After residents complained, Monette said Friday he would order a fence be built around the play structure that would separate the dog park and playground.

But after more complaints flowed in from people opposed to the fence, Monette pulled the idea off the table.

"I have received a large amount of feedback from residents as well as the community association who all agree on one thing, the fence should not be installed," Monette wrote in a letter Saturday.

Instead, Monette is backing an idea to change the dog park designation to an on-leash park. He said a resident has collected 25 signatures on a petition to review the off-leash designation.

But first, the change has go through public consultation and debate.

Monette encouraged residents to contact the city's bylaw department to share their views.