The clinic of Ottawa gastroenterologist Dr. Christiane Farazli was under investigation after the Ontario College of Physicians found the doctor did not follow proper sterilization procedures from 2002 to 2011. (CBC)

A year-long public health investigation has found no cases of hepatitis B, C or HIV linked to a local endoscopy clinic on Carling Avenue.

Public Health tried to contact and test some 6800 former patients of Dr. Christiane Farazli after an inspection found the doctor used poor sterilization methods.

The investigation was sparked by an inspection by the Ontario College of Physicians that found the doctor did not follow proper sterilization procedures at her Carling Avenue clinic between 2002 and 2011.

Some of Farazli's patients did test positive for HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.

Links to clinic have not been made

But in January, the investigation began a process of genetic fingerprinting to look for links between the patients with illness and the Farazli clinic.

Although not all the people with positive results opted for further testing, investigators said based on the molecular testing results received to date, there is no evidence the diseases were transmitted at the clinic.

In the meantime, the provincial ministry of health and long-term care has created a task group to look into ways to make sure the lapses identified by the original inspection can be prevented in the future.

Medical Officer of Health Dr. Izra Levy is expected to table a report on the findings to city council Wednesday. The investigation cost $770,000.