Nigerian High Commission staff were forced to begin processing applications Thursday afternoon after dozens of people gathered outside, upset after travelling to Ottawa for appointments only to find that it was closed for a week. 

The high commission promised clients that they would receive their passports in the mail. 

Some of the people outside the high commission on Thursday had flown in from as far away as Calgary and Saskatoon, according to the CBC's Evan Dyer.

They had all paid fees of about $95 to get visas and passports. They were told to pick them up today at the high commission on Metcalfe Street.

When they arrived, they found a note on the door saying that the office was closed and would remain closed for the rest of the week.


A security guard with the Nigerian High Commission gets into a heated argument with a group of people who had showed up to renew their passports only to find the office closed. (CBC)

They said they were never notified.

Members of the gathering crowd banged loudly on the doors, pushing and shoving, until the few high commission staff that showed up for work finally opened the door.

Many went inside along with RCMP officers.

The high commission staff explained that they don't know how to operate the computer that makes passports and visas.