New stretch of Bronson Avenue closes for construction

Another stretch of Ottawa's Bronson Avenue has for construction, the same water and sewer line work that shut a more southern section last summer.
A stretch of Bronson Avenue has closed for the summer due to construction once again. 2:12

Commuters and businesses on a major Ottawa arterial road are bracing for months of construction-related road closures.

Bronson Avenue was closed to traffic from Gladstone Avenue to Laurier Avenue Tuesday morning.

Anna Luong, who’s been running a hair salon in the affected area for 28 years, said she’ll take a hit from losing tourists and other walk-up customers.

"Me and all the business around here get a lot busier (in the summer)," she said. "For me, around 25 per cent."

Same kind of work that closed Bronson last summer

The reason is a familiar one for people in the area – sewer and water line replacement, plus work on the sidewalks and surrounding areas.

Similar work closed a more southern part of Bronson Avenue last summer.

Somerset ward Coun. Diane Holmes said construction will be better for businesses in the long haul.

"Once the work is over Bronson will have better pedestrian lights, it will have tree planting, some benches," she said.

"It will be a safer street to walk on, but there is the short term pain."

Road won't fully re-open until fall

Deans said there are incentives to keep people coming back to the area while work is being done.

"We have determined that we can keep the free Saturday parking going and we have reduced the parking (cost)," she said.

The section from Gladstone Avenue to Somerset Street is scheduled to re-open in mid-June.

Somerset to Laurier Avenue will be shut down for six months.