STO express buses will no longer run, replaced by the Rapibus system.

The new Rapibus system, the city’s overhauled public transportation system, opened Saturday with a weekend of free bus service in Gatineau.

The new system includes a bus, called the Rapibus, which travels along a dedicated 12-kilometre corridor from Labrosse Boulevard in the city’s east end to Alexandre-Taché Boulevard near the Ottawa River.

Gatineau’s transit authority is changing all routes in Gatineau, Cantley, Masson-Angers and Buckingham so they filter to the main Rapibus path.

This eliminates express route buses while regular routes take riders to Rapibus stations.

High-frequency red route to Ottawa

There is also a new high-frequency “red” route for passengers heading to downtown Ottawa that will use reserved lanes along des Allumettières and Maisonneuve boulevards.

There should only be one connection from a resident’s home to a Rapibus station, according to the transit authority, and half of riders will have faster travel times.

Officials add another third will have the same travel time and some will be left with longer travel times.

In total, the new bus system cost the City of Gatineau about $255 million.

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