The National Capital Commission is set to reopen a pathway through LeBreton Flats that it twice closed in recent months.

The 200-metre pathway connects the intersection of Preston and Albert streets to the Ottawa River, cutting across two lanes of the OC Transpo Transitway.

The NCC, which operates LeBreton Flats, has angered cyclists for closing off a gate at the south end of the trail, reopening it and then closing it again.

The NCC's director of urban lands and transportation, Marc Corriveau, said it came down to a jurisdictional issue.

"We had no authority on the Transitway so we wanted to have confirmation with the City of Ottawa that they were OK," he said.

City officials said they have not received any reports of incidents and fully supports reopening the path.

Gate swung open Friday

So on Friday morning, NCC constables will once again cut open the gate at the south end where people had posted angry notes in recent weeks.

Cyclists were angry the NCC provided no notification or signs to riders that it would close the gate, meaning riders would often cycle most of the distance before realizing they had to turn around.

Corriveau said the NCC got the message.

"I think, you know, in the future, we will better communicate how we do our closures and we'll work closer with the communities," he said.

Corriveau added future construction projects may once again lead the NCC to close the gate, but said next time there will be better notice and, if possible, offer detours.