Motorists who commute into downtown Ottawa will soon have another option thanks to a new program, which the National Capital Commission is peddling.


Cyclists will be able to park for free and cycle to work as part of a pilot project in Ottawa. ((The Canadian Press))

The NCC plans to allow free access to 10 parking lots, where drivers can leave their cars and cycle the remaining distance to work. The Park and Cycle pilot will run from June 20 to October 28, 2011.

Under the plan, the public will have access to 10 parking lot facilities (360 spaces), where unrestricted access will be provided weekly to cycling commuters. All of the parking lots all located between five kilometres and 15 kilometres from Parliament Hill.

The parking lots are located along the Rockcliffe Parkway in the east end, and along the Ottawa River Parkway in the west end. There are also several lots in Gatineau.

In Ottawa:

  • Rockcliffe Parkway P4
  • Rockcliffe Parkway P5
  • Rockcliffe Parkway P7
  • Rockcliffe Parkway P7
  • Champlain (access via the Ottawa River Parkway)
  • Hampton Park (access via Island Park Drive)
  • Deschênes Rapids (access via the Ottawa River Parkway)

In Gatineau:

  • Leamy Lake (access via Fournier Boulevard)
  • Chaudière (access via Lucerne Boulevard)
  • Rapides-Dechênes Park (access via Lucerne Boulevard)

"The Park and Cycle pilot project is in line with the NCC's efforts to promote sustainable transportation and expand its cycling infrastructure in Canada's Capital Region," the commission said in a release. "This program will increase the cycling modal share and allow for an easier commute to work."