The impaired driving trial of a Pembroke dentist is on hold because of scheduling conflicts with the lawyer and judge.

Justice Neil Kozloff said Tuesday the trial will have to resume in the fall.

Before that news, the court was given new photograpic evidence showing damage to the rear bumper and side door of Christy Natsis' black Ford Explorer.

OPP traffic officer Shawn Kelly introduced the pictures of the damaged bumper on Natsis' car, suggesting Natsis is responsible for a Kanata bar incident just before the fatal crash on March 31, 2011.

Earlier in the trial, video showed a black Ford Explorer backing out of a Kanata bar and crashing into a parked car before driving away.  

Blood alcohol evidence showing Natsis was impaired was ruled inadmissable last month, therefore the damage to her car looms large in this case.

Delay means trial could last a year or more

Natsis is charged in a fatal crash that happened more than two years ago and killed Bryan Casey of Ottawa.

The dentist is charged with impaired driving causing death, dangerous driving causing death and exceeding the legal blood-alcohol limit, and has pleaded not guilty.

The Crown is expected to rely heavily on the photo evidence to get a conviction on the charge of  'dangerous driving causing death."

A meeting is taking place on Friday to decide when in the fall the trial will resume.

The trial began in November.