The Canadian Museum of History is asking the public to submit their suggestions for objects and images they'd like to see on display in the museum's new Canadian History Hall. 

"We are trying to meet the needs of the Canadian people," said David Morrison, director of research and content for the History Hall. "We are interested in what they are interested in."

Public engagement has been a key component of the project from the outset, said Morrison.

"From the beginning, we reached out to the public when the hall was first announced to see what kinds of topics they were interested in."

Canadians can submit their ideas on the museum's website before the end of April. 

Royal Proclamation, McGee killer's gun


Artifacts at the Canada History Hall will include the gun used in the assassination of Thomas D'Arcy McGee (The Canadian Press)

The 40,000-square-foot exhibit will cover more than 15,000 years of history, from the beginning of human habitation in Canada to the present day.

The hall will be designed by Douglas Cardinal, who also designed the rest of the museum.

Morrison said the Canadian Museum of History is collaborating with other institutions to collect the best artifacts for display in the hall.

"The Royal Proclamation of 1763 and the handgun that shot Thomas D'Arcy McGee, all of the treasures of Canadian history," he said. 

The museum will unveil the exhibit on Canada Day next year.