Saunders Farm in Munster is at risk of losing four hectares of pumpkins due to a half-hour downpour earlier this week.

Visitors to the popular farm are accustomed to seeing lots of pumpkins of all sizes, but now many of the plants that grow those pumpkins are underwater.


Mark Saunders says he's never seen his fields like this. (CBC)

Wednesday's thunderstorms left much of Mark Saunders' key crop drowning, something he said he has not seen in his 37 years on the farm.

"I came out to just take a look and I knew we were in trouble when the main road coming back to these fields was flooded all the way across. And I went and looked out in the field and it was a little depressing to say the least," said Saunders.

The pumpkins were planted only a few weeks ago.