Mould has forced the city to shut down the Sandy Hill Arena until October at least.

Mathieu Fleury sandy hill arena mould

Coun. Matheiu Fleury says the rink at Sandy Hill Arena will be closed until October at least. (CBC)

The arena undergoes maintenance every summer and routine air testing came up with mould, said Coun. Mathieu Fleury.

"We at least know that this facility will be closed until October. … But it could theoretically be closed for the full season, for full remediation. But we're hopeful to see some hockey here, or some skating, before the winter arrives," Fleury said.

"It hurts me, because we want people to be physically active. This is a very well utilized facility and it's unfortunate. That said, we don't want people to be sick."

'I think everyone is understanding'

Norm Sharpe minor hockey sandy hill arena

Norm Sharpe, a district chair for the Ottawa District Minor Hockey Association, says the city is working with hockey associations in Ottawa to minimize the impact of the closure of Sandy Hill Arena due to mould. (CBC)

Norm Sharpe, a district chair of the Ottawa District Minor Hockey Association, said the city is helping players move to ice at other arenas.

"We've lost about 250 hours total, between all [three] of the associations," Sharpe said. 

The associations can also schedule games into February and late March to make up for lost time, he said.

"I think everyone is understanding. … The kids just want to get on the ice and play, and they'll go wherever they need to to have ice," Sharpe said.