The eastern Ontario community of Limoges usually deals with mosquitoes in the spring. But even hardened residents say this is the worst year in recent memory.

​Residents are seeking signatures on a petition in the hopes of convincing the municipality to take some action to curb the pests in the eastern Ontario community about 45 km east of Ottawa.

Mosquitoes in Limoges

Linda Lacasse walks to a chip stand with bug zapper in hand as an extra defence against the mosquitoes. (CBC)

"It's the worst its ever been," said local realtor A.J. Plant. "All we are really asking is that maybe spray or consider some kind of alternative to get rid of the mosquitoes."

It's making ordinary outdoor activities like playing soccer, stopping at the chip stand or even pumping gas virtually unbearable.

Paskal Cormier, the assistant manager at the Ultramar gas station, said most customers who arrive at night are only putting $20 in their tanks because the bugs have made standing outside unbearable.

"People are pumping their gas and doing a silly dance because they are slapping themselves all over," said Cormier.

Linda Lacasse went so far as to bring a bug zapper to work Thursday, only to discover to her dismay that the zapper's light did little to attract the mosquitoes when the sun was shining.

Limoges map

A map of the watercourses in Limoges shows a number of wetlands, shaded light blue). (South Nation Conservation Authority)

Limoges has long had mosquito issues, says Cormier, a reality likely because "it's kind of a swampy area."

The South Nation Conservation authority map (see right) notes a number of watercourses and dozens of wetlands in the community, are a perfect breeding ground for this year's army of buzzkills.

The community also straddles two municipalities, with about 80 per cent of residents living in The Nation Township and the remainder living within the borders of Russell Township.

Russell Township mayor Jean Paul St. Pierre said he hasn't heard any request for action on mosquitoes, and Russell councillor Eric Bazinet said the municipality won't be spraying.

"We have no money for that," he said.