More Kashechewan residents flee flooding community

About 160 people are scheduled to arrive in Cornwall today, joining the 187 evacuees that arrived in the city on Sunday.

About 160 evacuees are scheduled to join the 187 evacuees who travelled to Cornwall Sunday

Flooding has forced out 190 Cree families from their home in northern Ontario. 2:14

Cornwall is continuing to receive Kashechewan residents as they flee flooding in their James Bay community.

About 160 people are scheduled to arrive in the eastern Ontario city today, joining the 187 evacuees that arrived on Sunday.

Another 160 evacuees from Kashechewan are expected to arrive in Cornwall, Ont. today. (Courtesy City of Cornwall)

Six planes are expected to arrive at the Cornwall Regional Airport this afternoon.

The total of about 350 evacuees will be housed and provided meals at the NAV Centre on Montreal Road while they are in Cornwall. It is not known for how long they will need to stay in Cornwall.

There are also plans to have approximately 150 residents of Kashechewan move to Thunder Bay. Another 250 residents left for Kapuskasing last week after melting snow led to sewer backups in about 40 homes.

A state of emergency has been declared in several First Nations communities that are facing flooding challenges as a result of rapid snow melt and rainfall.

Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger declared a state of emergency for the the city to serve as a host community for the evacuees.

Emergency Management Ontario and Canadian Red Cross are working with Kashechewan elders and residents to ensure community members can connect with each other.

The City of Cornwall said it will enter an agreement with Aboriginal Affairs and Norther Development Canada to have all costs fully recovered.