Quebec provincial police dealt mostly with traffic violations and drug seizures at last weekend's Montebello Rockfest, but they say overall the festival went well.

Police carried out more than 100 interventions over the course of the three-day heavy metal and hard rock festival in Montebello, Que., according to a news release.

Police issued several traffic infractions in the area, including:

  • 23 for speeding.
  • 5 for improper seatbelt use.
  • 2 for using cell phones while driving.
  • 18 others, including 1 for "car surfing."

Quebec police also reported three cases of impaired driving. They laid five charges for possession of narcotics, and nine for possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking.

As a result of the arrests, police seized:

  • More than 670 tablets of a methamphetamine-type substance.
  • More than 20 grams of cocaine.
  • More than 600 ml of GHB.
  • Nearly 200 grams of cannabis.
  • More than 150 ecstasy tablets.
  • More than $2,500 in cash.
  • Small amounts of hashish and mushrooms.

The municipality also towed more than 80 vehicles. Police say Rockfest went well overall with no major incidents.

A 60-year-old Ontario man was found dead at the festival site Saturday. Police are investigating the cause of death, but don't suspect foul play.