The battle over sick leave in the public service rages on.

Momentous Corp. Ottawa sick days time off honour system Nov. 25 2014

Momentous Corp., an Ottawa internet company, no longer tracks any form of time away from the office. (Kristy Nease/CBC)

Tony Clement, president of the Treasury Board, wants to reduce sick leave days from 15 per year to five, and to eliminate the sick leave bank, and the unions are against it.

But what if no one counted sick days? What if tracking days was replaced by an honour system, in which sick days are taken whenever they're needed?

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Momentous Corp., an Ottawa internet company, did it two years ago, and CEO Rob Hall says it's been a great success.

"We don't count days anymore. I can't tell you how many days someone took. I don't really care," Hall says.

"We metric people based on getting the job done, not how many days they're in the office or how many days they take off or how many days they're sick."

As long as deadlines are met, sick days and vacation time don't matter.

Hall says not a single employee has abused the honour system so far, and he says the company is saving money in the human resources department now that they're not spending time tracking attendance.

"Most people, if given the chance, want to do a good job. There are some that just want to abuse it and count every day off they can and find a way to play the system. And you've got to get rid of those, to be quite honest, because your company's not going to be successful," Hall says.

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