Mom of alleged victim testifies in teen prostitution trial

An Ottawa mother of a teen says her daughter told her that another teenager threatened to kill her if she called police about being forced to have sex with a man.

Mother recounts night when she says daughter came home with bruises on face.

The Ottawa mother of a teen says her daughter told her that another teenager threatened to kill her if she called police about being forced to have sex with a man.

The 13-year-old girl's mother told an Ottawa court her daughter left one night in early June last year and didn't come home until the next night, and when she did she was wearing a white mini dress and stilettos and had bruises on her face.

The mother told the court she phoned police because she thought her daughter might have been sexually assaulted.

She said her daughter begged her not to, saying the accused threatened "to kill me if I went to the police."

This blurred-out photo of one of the accused was taken from an account on the photo-sharing site Instagram. The account has the same name as a Facebook and Twitter account entered as evidence in court. (CBC) (Instagram)

Three teenage girls, two 16 year-olds and one 17 year-old, are facing 74 charges including procuring for prostitution, creating child pornography and human trafficking.

Teens accused of luring girls into prostitution

It’s alleged the trio used social media to lure nine teenage girls, aged 13 to 17, to a southeast Ottawa home where they were forced into performing sexual acts for men.

All three have pleaded not guilty.

The mother said her daughter had originally told her she was going to the friend's for a sleepover, although the mother said she didn't have the address of the girl's house.

She testified she got a text from someone she thought was the friend's mother later that night saying "everything was fine."

Throughout the next day she said she received texts from her daughter that she described as "weird" because her daughter was defiant, saying she wasn't coming home yet.

When her daughter did arrive the next night, she told her mother it wasn't her that sent any of the text messages.

Teen says girls beat her, forced her to meet 'john'

The court also saw video from testimony the girl gave to police, in which she said two of the accused beat her and forced her against her will to go to an apartment and have sex with a 40-year-old man.

She said she was invited by one of the 16-year-old teens to go out to a party. She had her mother drive her to a park, where she met the teen. The two then went to the home of the 17-year-old teen, who Crown lawyers have said was the ringleader of the three accused.

Once there, the two accused smoked marijuana before telling the girl it was time to go out. She said she was forced to wear see-through clothes and when she protested, one of the accused slapped and punched her in the face.

She said she kept saying no but the two teens refused to listen and she was taken to see the man, who she described as 40 years old and bald.

Man asked 'Are they forcing you?'

The girl said she told the man when they were alone she didn't want to have sex.

He asked "Are they forcing you?" and when she answered yes, the two agreed not to have sex. He gave her $20 for a taxi cab and they agreed to tell the two other teen girls that they had sex, she told the court.

After she left the man's home she said she was taken back to the ringleader's home.

The accused forced the teen's mouth open, put the pill in and forced her to take water, she said. Then the accused checked under her tongue to make sure she had swallowed it. The next day when the accused took the teen to a male friend's apartment she admitted she gave the teen a "Bart Simpson." He replied 'you mean an X?'

The alleged victim said she learned a few days later that a "Bart Simpson" is Ecstasy, the drug sometimes taken by young people at rave parties.

The trial adjourned Tuesday afternoon after a lawyer for one of the accused became ill. The trial will resume a week from Wednesday.