First day of spring? Not in the Moir family's backyard

Step into Charles Moir's Nepean backyard-turned-skating-rink and you'd be forgiven for believing it was still the dead of winter.

Nepean family has turned their backyard into a giant rink they call 'the hippo'

The Moir family have built a giant skating rink in their Nepean backyard — and it's still going strong on the first day of spring. (Emily Ridlington/CBC)

Sunday may be the first day of spring, but step into Charles Moir's Nepean backyard and you'd be forgiven for thinking it was still the dead of winter.

That's because the Moir family has turned the vast majority of their yard into a skating rink, still frozen solid and perfect for gliding around.

They call it "the hippo" because — as this drone video Moir shot two weeks ago shows — from the sky, the rink somewhat resembles a giant, frozen hippopotamus.

On the first day of spring, the Moir family's backyard skating rink is still nice and solid. 0:51

"Skating season itself was actually really good," said Moir. "It was a late start and that, but [we] got a good solid two months in."

Spring's 2016 debut wasn't marked by balmy weather, at least not in the national capital region. By 3 p.m., the temperature in Ottawa was still hovering around the 0 C mark.

For the Moir family and their backyard rink — nearly 40 centimetres thick in places — that's just fine.

"I think it's awesome," said 10-year-old Kate. "It's really smooth and slippery."

With files from Emily Ridlington


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