Mould is closing the arena at the Meredith Centre in Chelsea, Que., the second time in the facility’s two-year history the rink has been closed.

After an exterior wall collapsed because of a heavy snow load in February 2013, staff put up a temporary wall in its place.

Mould has been an ongoing issue since then as the municipality went through an insurance claim and the tendering process of building a new wall.

Brian Nolan Des Collines Hockey

Brian Nolan, president of the Des Collines Minor Hockey League, said he'll look for ice time at three nearby arenas. (CBC)

On Aug. 15, the municipality closed off the rink after spore counts went above acceptable levels.

"We had to notify (hockey teams and skating clubs) that there was an immediate closure of the arena. and tell them that we couldn't give them their regular ice time," said Sharon Ryan, executive director of the Meredith Centre.

"We have a tournament coming at the end of November so hopefully it will ready by then, because ice time during the tournament is pretty crucial," said Brian Nolan, president of the Des Collines Minor Hockey League.

Nolan said his players will try to find ice time at three nearby arenas.

Back wall getting fixed

Chelsea’s mayor said fixing the issue is expected to take about two months and cost around $700,000.

"They'll do some early decontamination, taking away the temporary wall and they'll rebuild the external wall, but they're also going to have to do more tests to confirm that the mould is completely gone," said Caryl Green.

"It's sad to see it closed down, but it's absolutely positive to see the fact we're going to have the back wall finally fixed and going to have another state-of-the-art arena back on board," Ryan said.

The Meredith Centre cost $10 million to build and was finished in 2012.