Runners in Sunday's marathon at Ottawa Race Weekend should have no trouble spotting local athlete Geordie McConnell who will be dressed as a giant shoe.

Live Chat with Geordie McConnell

Join us as the Ottawa running coach will be taking your questions about last-minute race tips at Noon.

McConnell, coach at the Ottawa Triathlon Club, got the idea while running a marathon in London, England. He said he wants to bring fun to the race.

"The race weekend is a phenomenal event in our community. There is lot of inherent fun in the exercise," said McConnell.

"This is just one more element I think we can add and I really hope it inspires more crazy people to come out of the woodwork."


Geordie McConnell hopes more people have fun with race weekend and dress up in costumes. (CBC)

The shoe was created by students in the industrial design program at Carleton University and it is made to be solid and stable enough so it would not interfere with McConnell's motion. 

Raising awareness for charity

McConnell is hoping to raise awareness for the Ottawa-based non-profit group Sole Responsibility, which donates used running shoes to countries overseas.

He said he has been training by running with a weighted backpack to prepare for the extra bulk but said wearing the oversized wire and cloth costume will pose some challenges on the course.

"If it's 30 degrees out we're going to have to be very careful with my health ... [but] I think I'll be able to manage the pure weight of it," he said.

Environment Canada's weather forecast for Sunday calls for a high of 22 degrees Celcius and a likelihood of rain showers.