CBC videographer Waubgeshig Rice was gathering visuals on April 2 of Manotick in advance of Ottawa Morning's Hallie in the Hood on-location broadcast on April 4 when his camera picked up something he himself didn't notice: the flash of a meteor.

Ottawa Morning will be live April 4 from Manotick starting at 5:30 a.m. and we'll be live streaming it here.

"I needed footage of the Minto 'Mahogany' development to show how Manotick is expanding, while trying to maintain the traditional feel of a village," Rice explains. He continues:

"The addition of central services like sewer and water in recent years have paved the way for development. In that particular shot, I was trying to get the sewer cover in the foreground, with the construction and empty lots in the background. While shooting, I didn't even notice the meteor streak across the upper left corner of the frame. It wasn't until I was screening the footage today that I saw it. It was a pretty neat surprise."