The man whose partner and three young children died in a house fire in Alexandria, Ont., in August said he still hasn't been back to the home since the tragedy six weeks ago.

Martin Desjardins, 26, was the sole survivor of the blaze that took the lives of his 22-year-old partner Sarah and their three children — Maxime, Chloe and Jacob.

Desjardins was in a coma for three weeks at a Toronto burn centre, but is now recuperating at the home of his parents in Laggan, Ont., a town about 90 kilometres east of Ottawa.

Desjardins, who suffered burns to about 13 per cent of his body in the blaze, awoke in the hospital with no idea of the scope of the tragedy. 


Martin Desjardins said he finds it difficult to look at pictures of his family members who died in a fire. (CBC)

"My head was still in the fire, so I just got up and wanted to know if everyone was OK and [I] broke two straps on the bed," he said.

It was days before his family members felt they could tell him what happened.

He said he tried desperately to save his family, kicking an air conditioner out of a window so that he and son Maxime could escape.

Desjardins jumped out of the window with his son in his arms, but the 22-month-old died later in hospital.

"Every morning I wake up I cry, because every morning I am up at five o'clock because my son used to get up at five," said Desjardins.

He said he is trying to pick up the pieces of his life and said it is still difficult to look at pictures of his loved ones.

He hasn't been back to the house or even the town since the fire, but he credits his family's support for getting him this far.

Doctors told him walking unassisted would take weeks, but he said long walks at his parents' home have helped him regain his strength.

Desjardins said he now plans to go back to school, saying that is what his partner would have wanted.

"That's what my wife and kids would have wanted me to do , get a career, get my licence for mechanics," he said.