Ottawa police's tactical unit shut down a portion of the Glebe today after receiving a call about a possible armed standoff.

While there were some tense moments for police and local residents, authorities diffused the situation and an unidentified man was brought outside an apartment at Holmwood Avenue and Monk Street, handcuffed and loaded into an ambulance.

Originally, police believed the suspect was threatening his roommate so a negotiator was called in and nearby residents were asked to stay inside their homes.

"It looked pretty spooky, like something serious was going on but I figure, you know, they're going to do it the safe way," said Glebe resident Andrew Criddle.

Another Glebe local said the amount of police in the neighbourhood made the situation appear worse than it was.

"It's easy for me to say it seems like overkill from this angle, but that's because nobody got hurt and it turned out to be a simple little problem," said Kathleen de Oliviera. "I guess safe better than sorry."

Police said the firearm in question was a replica handgun and that no charges would be laid.