A forklift driver in his 50s was taken to hospital with a head injury after he drove into a car this morning.

Paramedics say the man was taken to The Ottawa Hospital's Civic campus trauma centre with minor injuries. He was in stable condition.

Casey Martel and Alexandre Plante (Oct. 25, 2013)

These two men say they were lucky they were not injured after a forklift punctured the car they were in. (Kristy Kirkup/CBC)

The man was using the forklift at a work site at 66 Slater St. near Elgin Street when he drove into a white sedan, according to the CBC’s Kristy Kirkup. The incident happened at about at 5:53 a.m., paramedics said.

The forklift punctured the passenger’s side door and the force of the impact injured the forklift operator. The two people in the car weren't hurt.

Casey Martel was driving the car and Alexandre Plante was in the passenger's seat, heading to their construction jobs. They said the forklift suddenly came through the door and just missed Plante's leg.

A transport truck that was part of the forklift's work was located in the bus lane, which is not allowed. Witnesses said trucks often park on the bus lanes during the early morning.

Ottawa police and the Ontario Ministry of Labour are investigating.