Jodi Dooling was napping with her three-year-old son early Saturday evening when they were woken up by what sounded like a freight train roaring nearby.

"It really shook the house quite violently for about two seconds," Dooling said from her home in the community of Edelweiss, Que.

Earthquakes Canada registered a magnitude 3.1 earthquake about 15 kilometres east of Wakefield, Que., (26 kilometres north of Ottawa) at 5:47 p.m. Saturday.

At first, Dooling's husband Pat Dooling thought a plane might have crashed somewhere nearby.

Jodi Dooling called the MRC des Collines police and an officer told her they felt it at the station.

Earthquakes Canada records dozens of quakes in the region each year. The last significant event was a magnitude 5.0 quake near Val-des-Bois, Que., in June, 2010.

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