Ottawa planners are hopeful the city's light rail project will revitalize the areas around some of the proposed east-end stations.

Preliminary re-zoning plans for the land surrounding three of the yet-to-be-built stations of CyrvilleSt-Laurent, and Train at the VIA station were released Tuesday at an information session with city council on Monday.

The re-zoning calls for higher densities near the stations. If approved, the rezoning would mean developers would only need a building permit and site plan to start construction near the three stations. 

Councillor Tim Tierney, who represents the Cyrville area, said he's hopeful the arrival of a speedy and comfortable light rail line will encourage developers to build tall mixed-use buildings at Cyrville, complete with strong walking and cycling connections

"There's an opportunity to say, 'All right, let's build communities...let's make it so that it fits what community could be," said Tierney.

"When you have a development in a community that people actually do want, there appear to be a lot of hurdles to get to that point, and it sounds like they're going to resolve a lot of that in speeding up the process," said Tierney.

The city hopes the combination of mixed-use buildings within 800 metres of each LRTstop, with more shops and wider sidewalks closer to stations will attract 10,000 people to each neighbourhood within 20 years.

Staff say the next stations they'll discuss are Hurdman and Blair.