After months of drought the fall harvest is underway in Ottawa, and wheat did suprisingly well while other crops were scorched.


Dwight Foster of North Gower Grains said this year's early spring planting season made sure his wheat crop was already well established before the drought set in. (CBC)

At North Gower Grains, large wheat silos are already brimming with this year's supply.

Farmer Dwight Foster said the warm spring prepared his wheat fields for planting weeks ahead of schedule.

"We had an excellent crop of wheat," Foster said. "It was clearly not affected by the drought because the drought was after the wheat crop was well established.

"We never planted the wheat so early. We planted way, way back in late March and early April, so that's abnormally early to be planting that. So it got so well established before the drought."

Foster, who also produces soy beans and corn, said he's relying on crop insurance to make up for what he lost with those crops.

Ottawa region wheat crops average, better than average this year

The Grain Farmers of Ontario said most wheat producers in the Ottawa region had an average or better than average wheat crop this year.


Cameron Trueman of Watson's Mill in Manotick said he's glad local wheat did well this year. (CBC)

Cameron Trueman, who operates Watson's Mill in Manotick, said he's pleased the wheat crop fared well in spite of the drought.

"It means we can buy our wheat local and that's been a problem in the last few years. We've had to buy it away from the area," he said.

The mill, a heritage site, grinds wheat into flour.

"We really want to try and promote a local market and stay within the 100-mile diet. So for us it's a good sign. Because next year and possibly the year after that we can promote the 10-mile diet, actually."