The Local Public Eatery restaurant and bar at Lansdowne Park has received hundreds of angry messages on social media because of a joke it posted on its chalkboard sidewalk sign.

The sign read: "Q. How many men does it take to open a budweiser? A. None. The women should already have it open on the table."

A photo of the sign taken by a resident was posted on Twitter, where it was widely shared and discussed.

After 9 p.m. Monday the restaurant posted two messages of apology on its Twitter account: "Just wanted to send out a message to apologize for what was posted outside the pub today. What was written was not funny or tasteful," the first post reads.

"This message has been erased and will be followed up with accordingly. Our deepest apologies to whoever we may have offended."

When reached on Tuesday, Local Public Eatery​ general manager Manon Paquin again apologized.

"We are deeply sorry for what was written on our chalkboard yesterday. We have offended the Ottawa community, and we apologize for that. I can assure as the general manager this is not who we are at LOCAL and not what we stand for," wrote Paquin.

Check out the reaction on Twitter below.

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