Voters will cast their ballots in five western Quebec ridings on Monday, each held by a Liberal incumbent, but there are two ridings that were close calls in 2012.

The closest race in the last Quebec election was in the riding of Papineau, where Liberal Alexandre Iracà edged his Parti Québécois opponent, Jean-François Primeau, by just more than 200 votes.

The two will once again go head-to-head in Monday’s election.

There was also a close race in the Hull riding where Liberal Maryse Gaudreault beat Parti Québécois candidate Gilles Aubé by fewer than 2,500 votes in 2012. They will each have their names on the ballots once again.

The other three ridings, which were fairly clear Liberal wins two years ago, are Chapleau, Gatineau and Pontiac.

leaders final day

Leaders of Quebec's major political parties spent 33 days on the campaign trail before the April 7 election. (Radio-Canada)

The polls have the Liberals ahead of the ruling PQ heading into Monday’s election, but the margin has tightened in the waning days.

All the candidates in each western Quebec riding can be found below. The incumbents are in bold. Click on each riding name for more background.


  • Québec solidaire: Alexis Harvey
  • Liberal: Marc Carrière
  • Coalition avenir Québec: Carl Pelletier
  • Parti Québécois: Yves Morin


  • Québec solidaire: Laura Alvaros
  • Liberal: Stéphanie Vallée
  • Coalition avenir Québec: André Paradis
  • Parti Québécois: Cédric Sarault


  • Québec solidaire: Benoit Renaud
  • Liberal: Maryse Gaudreault
  • Coalition avenir Québec: Jean Bosco Citegetse
  • Parti Québécois: Gilles Aubé


  • Québec solidaire: Charmain Levy
  • Liberal: André Fortin
  • Coalition avenir Québec: Michel Mongeon
  • Parti Québécois: Maryse Vallières-Murray


  • Québec solidaire: Marc Sarazin
  • Liberal: Alexandre Iracà
  • Coalition avenir Québec: René Langelier
  • Parti Québécois: Jean-François Primeau