Level one drought conditions continue in rivers, streams and lakes in the Rideau Valley watershed.

The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority said a mild winter and low rainfall in recent months is to blame.

Rainfall is about 79 per cent of usual levels, and the last two weeks in June dropped that down to 73 per cent.

The authority is asking residents to voluntarily reduce their water consumption by 10 per cent.

Patrick Larson is the authority's senior water technician.

"A couple of municipalities use water from the river and they've had some minor problems with turbidity, meaning sediment in the water," Larson said. "At this point what we ask people is to limit watering the lawns and washing cars and that sort of thing."

A level one drought has also been declared by the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority.

In late March and early April, the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority declared a low water advisory after the spring flood peak arrived two weeks earlier than normal and was one of the lowest on record.