Lead found in pizza playset, fishing game, toys

Two toys — a pizza play set and a fishing game — manufactured in China that contain high amounts of lead should be immediately discarded, Health Canada warned on Monday.

Two toys — a pizza play set and a fishing game — manufactured in China that contain high amounts of lead should be immediately discarded, Health Canada warned on Monday.

Health Canada testers found higher-than-allowable lead content in the toys, which were manufactured by Ningbo Ftz Zhengbao International Trading Co., Ltd in China.

The Pizza Playset is comprised of a plastic pizza, cut in slices, along with plastic utensils and condiments. Its barcode is 094922130778.

The Fishing Game includes a fishing rod and five plastic fish. Its barcode is 094922553980.

Under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act's toy regulations, the surface coating of a toy must not contain more than 90 milligrams per kilogram in total lead. Lead is toxic to children even at low exposure levels, Health Canada warns.

The toys had been imported from China by one small importer in Montreal. According to the importer, only one of the Pizza Playset toys was sold before the remaining stock of both toys was removed from the shelves. Health Canada said it was checking with the manufacturer to see if the products were sold to importers anywhere else in Canada.

Health Canada said people should check to make sure they do not have these toys in their home. If they find the toys, they should discard them in their household garbage.