Last run for route 76 bus, involved in bus-train crash, was Friday

The Ottawa bus route involved in last September’s fatal bus-train crash was retired on Friday.

New route 72 bus runs same route starting Tuesday

A tow truck moves the Ottawa transit bus from the scene of a fatal crash with a Via train Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013. The bus's route, number 76, will be retired as of Saturday. (CBC)

The Ottawa bus route involved in last September’s fatal bus-train crash was retired on Friday.

Route 76, running from Barrhaven to downtown and back, will turn into route 72 on Tuesday following the long weekend.

It was a route 76 bus driven by Dave Woodard that collided with a Via Rail train near the Fallowfield train station Sept. 18, 2013, killing him and five passengers.

Some riders said they didn’t know why it took so long for the route to be taken out of service since people began asking for it in the days and weeks immediately after the crash.

"I’ve actually seen a couple people cross themselves when they go over those train tracks," said Danielle Nurse.

"Everyone knew about the (route) 76 bus crash, it’s just a bus now. It's not going to be as much of a negative experience."

"It's almost like digging up old wounds," said Gillian Knowles. 

The city said it plans to lower flags at its facilities to half-mast on Sept. 18, hold a moment of silence at the Sept. 17 transit commission and install a commemorative plaque in a location to be determined.

New safety measures around the site of the crash include larger signs, a lower speed limit, cutting back shrubs and installing early warning lights.

The Transportation Safety Board’s investigation into the crash continues, with no timetable for results to be released.