Some people living near Lansdowne Park say construction workers are taking up too many on-street residential parking spaces, and they say it's a a sign of the congestion to come once the work is finished.

Maureen Musgrove glebe holmwood lansdowne

Maureen Musgrove says the lack of on-street parking in her neighbourhood is "irksome." (September 23, 2013) (CBC)

About 700 workers come to the site each day. Some parking for car poolers is available on the site itself, but others have to park nearby.

They often use spots on residential streets such as Holmwood Avenue, which angers some people in the Glebe.

"Right now the workers have to park on the street, so there's nothing left for the people who live here who have guests. There's nothing left," said Maureen Musgrove.

"It's irksome, but it's going to be like that and worse when this place is developed. I think people will have to walk here. We don't really have rapid transit on Bank Street, so I don't know how they'll get here."

'Will be some days of increased vigilance,' councillor says

David Chernushenko

Coun. David Chernushenko says a parking lot will be opened up for construction workers in a few weeks. (September 23, 2013) (CBC)

Coun. David Chernushenko said the city will make the parking lot at the baseball stadium on Coventry Road available to Lansdowne workers in three weeks.

For workers who don't use that option and stay in the Glebe, the city said it'll step up enforcement and issue tickets to those who don't adhere to the three-hour limit.

Many workers move their vehicles to a new spot every three hours.

"There will be some days of increased vigilance just to make the point, but also, we don't want to be punitive," Chernushenko said. "These are people who are working for a living and have to get there."

"But sometimes you have to give an extra little push to remind them to look elsewhere."

The new stadium is set to open in time for the 2014 CFL season.