A woman missing from her Toronto home has family in Ottawa and western Quebec who say they believe she may be trying to make her way to them.

Kit Currie Missing Toronto Ottawa Wakefield

Kit Currie was last seen Aug. 14 at the intersection of Queen and Bathurst streets in Toronto, although she may have been spotted a few days ago in another part of the city. (findkitcurrie.com)

Kit Currie, 50, was last seen at Toronto Western Hospital on Aug. 14, Toronto police have told her sister Jennifer Currie-Roy.

Currie-Roy, who lives in Wakefield, Que., said voices Currie had been hearing in her head before getting treatment had recently returned.

"She was frightened on (Aug. 13) and called the police," Currie-Roy said, "She thought there had been a break-in, which is unusual for my sister."

Woman possibly spotted on Aug. 23

Currie has a bicycle, but no car.

Toronto police said a possible lead came when a man in Toronto came to them two days ago saying a woman had asked him for money to get home to Ottawa.

When police showed him a picture of Currie, he told them it was her who had approached him.

In the meantime, Currie’s friends and family are putting up posters in Toronto and running a social media campaign for information.

"We're using Facebook and the internet and putting up posters at the moment, that's really all we can do," said her friend Mary Neumann in Toronto.

"We checked her family, her friends out of town, her friends in town, people she works with, everything we can think of."

Currie is described as white, standing five foot four, weighing 155 lbs. with wavy red hair, an athletic build and appearing younger than her age of 50.

Her bike is a black hybrid with black fenders and a green milk crate on the back, according to findkitcurrie.com.

Anyone with information is asked to call Toronto police at 416-808-1400.