Kids camp staff urge speeding vehicles to slow down

Workers at two south Ottawa children's camps say speeding vehicles in the area have them worried about their safety.

Screeching brakes common on Dickinson Street in Manotick

Workers at two Ottawa children's camps are asking for speed bumps or other measures. 2:06

Workers at two Ottawa children’s camps say speeding vehicles in the area have them worried about their safety.

Staff at Watson's Mill and Dickinson House in Manotick said vehicles can travel down Dickinson Street at speeds nearly twice the 40 kilometre-an-hour limit.

They said that’s even more of an issue due to a curve in the road and how children get between the two sites.

"They’re between here and the mill across the street and they’re darting back and forth," said Brandon Kassis of Dickinson House.

"You actually do hear tires screeching as people come to a halt."

Kassis said people are cutting across Dickinson St. as they try to beat the lights at the corner of Manotick Main and Bridge streets.

Staff members want speed bumps

Coun. Scott Moffatt, whose Rideau-Goulbourn ward includes the area, said he wants to get more data before deciding what to do.

"How many cars are running through there, what's the average speed of the traffic, what’s the highest speed, what’s the lowest speed, what are we seeing here?" he asked.

Dickinson House is one of the camps in Manotick where staff say cars regularly speed past. (CBC)

"With that information we can develop a plan to address it."

Staff at the two sites said they already have some ideas, hopefully before it’s too late.

"The ideal solution, maybe to start, would be to put a couple of speed bumps on either end and that would slow that traffic down," said Tom MacDonald, a volunteer with Dickinson House.

"It's just going to take that one time," said Cam Trueman of Watson’s Mill, speaking about the potential for injury or death.

"That will be the point where we'll say we should've done something."