Kemptville flooding high water homes flooded free water sign Sunday April 13

Some homes in Kemptville, Ont., along the Rideau River, have been flooded as water levels remain high. (CBC)

Some residents in Kemptville, Ont., were filling sandbags over the weekend ahead of rain expected this week as water levels remain high along the Rideau River.

On Sunday, water was creeping up to a home on Fairmile Road, which runs along the north side of the Rideau River. Residents helped homeowner Jim Hodgson fill and place sandbags to protect the property.

Hodgson, who has lived in the home for 28 years, told CBC News it's the worst flooding he's seen there.

Other homes and garages in the area have already been flooded.

You can watch footage of the flooding near the Rideau River by clicking the video player above. Mobile users can watch the video by clicking here.