The City of Ottawa's planning committee has approved a developer's request to increase the number of units in a low-rise condo building in Kanata, despite concerns from neighbours and a petition with more than 240 signatures opposing the proposal.

Kanata South Coun. Allan Hubley and Stittsville Coun. Shad Qadri dissented when the committee voted Teusday.

Brigil, the developer behind the condo complex at 124 Battersea Cres., applied to lift a restriction that limits the number of units in the building to 100.

The restriction was put in place when the entire subdivision was zoned in 2006 because there was a concern about the capacity of city services, such as the sewer and storm water infrastructure. Since then, the services have been upgraded.

Residents speak out

A number of residents spoke against the proposed four-storey building, which is the fourth and final building in the condo development. They expressed concern over the lack of green space, loss of privacy and blasting that will be necessary to construct the underground parking garage.

Some residents also complained they were not notified of the rezoning application, and city staff acknowledged an error meant that some neighbours were not properly notified by mail.

'I bought into a community that was low, that was calm, that was nice and green.' - Janie Poirier, Kanata resident

One woman who lives in the development complained the new building does not conform with how Brigil had promised to unroll the complex.

"Here are photos of what they're supposed to look like," said Janie Poirier, showing the Brigil brochure that envisions smaller buildings with 16 to 20 units each. 

But Brigil's concept of the complex have changed, the committee heard, with plans for two much larger buildings and almost no green space.

"Wow, I didn't buy into that," said Poirier. "I bought into a community that was low, that was calm, that was nice and green."

However, the entire subdivision where the condo complex is located is zoned as a medium-density residential area. Brigil's plans for the four-storey, 132-until building are allowed under the city's current rules.

Full city council will vote on the the issue in September.