Joe Jackson, an English singer-songwriter who has been performing for decades, was a guest on CBC Radio's All in a Day on Thursday ahead of his performance later that night at Bluesfest.

He's done everything from punk rock and ska to jazz, new wave and classical music. And that's despite, 18 years ago, telling CBC he was thinking about quitting music altogether.

"I seem to just end up doing it again," he said Thursday. "It's fun! If it stops being fun, I'll stop doing it.

"I was much more prolific in the early years, and sort of in the '80s especially. I put out way too much stuff. I was too prolific. I just felt like I had to justify my existence by always producing something, either making a new album or touring again.

"... Nowadays I'm less prolific, I'm more fussy, I'm harder on myself and I produce less, but I like to think it's better."

You can listen to more of the interview here.