injured duck

An injured female mallard had attracted the interest of residents at the Perly Rideau Veterans' Care Centre for weeks. (Courtesy Sylvie Moncion)

A female mallard duck with a broken wing who people at the Perly Rideau Veterans' Care Centre have tried for days to rescue has finally been corralled.

The duck was first spotted two weeks ago in the pond by the care centre on Russell Road, and while it could mount the rocky shore to take food thrown by local residents, it can't fly.

Resident Pat Kelly, 89, said he noticed the duck a few weeks ago and went to speak to the centre's administration a few weeks ago about retrieving the bird.

"She just can't fly and I'm thinking about winter and what she's going to do in the winter if they don't pick her up," said Kelly, who has been coming to the bird each day to feed it.

The Wild Bird Care Centre say they do not capture animals, but they will just take care of them if you bring them in.

Duck had proved elusive

On Monday afternoon the duck was successfully rescued and is now on its way to the bird care centre.

But prior to that, there had been some valiant attempts to catch the duck.

Lee Labrecque first saw the bird a few days ago while visiting his grandmother and made a failed attempt to catch the bird

"I tried to grab him and as soon as I grabbed him he dove off and I fell face first and I'll tell you it didn't taste great," said Labrecque.

For his second attempt, he worked with a maintenance worker on site to trap the bird in a sewer tunnel, but in the end the maintenance worker became stuck and the bird remained free.