Gordon Bourne, 56, was released on bail Friday. Here he is shown after a court appearance on Monday. ((CBC))

A man whoseeastern Ontariofarm is the subject of an ongoing police search has been released on $4,000bail.

Gordon Bourne, 56,of Ashton, Ont., was released after a week in custody on the conditions that he:

  • Stay away from his farm until police complete their investigation.
  • Not possess any weapons.

Bourne is facing at least a dozen weapons charges.

Police still have not said whether the search ofthe Bourne propertyis related to the disappearance of Bourne's wife Diane more than three decades ago, when she was 22.

Ontario Provincial Police begancombing Bourne's farm and wrecking yard on Kidd Roadin Ashton, about 40 kilometres southwest of Ottawa,on Nov. 15.

Diane Bourne, a federal public servant and the mother of two young children,was last seen at the farm in March 1976. An extensive search for her turned up nothing.