About three dozen children live at the orphanage and have been without food for five days. ((Courtesy of Danielle Allen))

Volunteers in Ottawa are pleading for help for about three dozen children left without food, water or beds after their orphanage and school in Gonaives, Haiti, was destroyed by hurricanes Gustav, Hanna and Ike.

The orphanage was founded four years ago by Ismorin and Louise Noel of Ottawa, but now the clothing, mattresses and furniture are all gone and the orphans have been without food for five days, volunteer Danielle Allen said Tuesday.

"They've lost everything and they're waiting upstairs for food and water," said Allen, who is heading a fundraising drive for the orphans.


Ismorin and Louise Noel founded the orphanage four years ago. Ismorin is currently in Gonaives caring for the children. ((Courtesy of Danielle Allen))

She said the group has been trying to get help to bring water to the children and help them flee to higher ground. The hurricanes and tropical storms that have lashed Haiti in recent weeks have left more than 300 people dead and thousands homeless.

Ismorin Noel is in Haiti, looking after the children, while Louise Noel is working at two nursing homes in Ottawa.

Donations can be sent to:

La Fondation des Foyers Angèle 1801–158B McArthur Ave., Ottawa, Ont., K1L 8C9 info@foyersangele.org www.foyersangele.org

Allen said La Fondation des Foyers Angèle, the registered charity that runs the orphanage, has no building, offices or paid staff so every penny raised goes toward the children in Haiti.

Canada's Foreign Affairs department announced Tuesday it will send $5 million worth of humanitarian aid to Haiti. It contributed $600,000 to Haitian relief efforts earlier this month.

Canada is also considering sending a specialized disaster response team to help with hurricane relief.