Maryam Sahar Naqibullah says she has the long-term goal of becoming president of Afghanistan — a lofty goal, but perhaps less so for a young life already full of experiences.

Naqibullah was the first and only female interpreter for foreign non-government organizations (NGO), along with Canadian and American troops, dating back to 2009 when she was 15.

After the Taliban killed two of her friends and kidnapped her brother, she used the Afghan Interpreter Immigration Program to come to Canada.

She's now studying international relations at Carleton University.

"To me, I really didn't care (about the danger) because international forces (in Kandahar), especially Canadian forces, have done a lot of work for Afghan people," she said.

"As an Afghan, it was also my responsibility to help them back."

Naqibullah will be one of dozens of human "books" available at the third annual Human Library, a partnership between CBC Ottawa and the Ottawa Public Library.

On Jan. 25, anyone interested can visit one of five participating branches and "check out" a book for a 20-minute conversation.

Naqibullah will be at the Greenboro location at 363 Lorry Greenwood Drive from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For more details, visit CBC Ottawa's Human Library page and the Ottawa Public Library's website.